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galaxywars's Journal

Galaxy Wars MUSH IC Logbook
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community for the LJ users of WarOfTheGalaxiesMUSH (WotGMUSH, or Galaxy Wars MUSH). All posts should be considered IC unless marked otherwise, but this is not an alternate OOC journal, so don't use it like one (i.e. Posting about your boyfriend/girlfriend dumping you today would not go in here, for example).

I will read all of the posts before I allow them on, but don't mail them to me. LJ will handle that.

If you don't have an account, and you would like to post something, either create an account for that purpose, or mail them to me (this is the only time an entry should be mailed to me).

I would like language to be PG-13, same as on-chan, if you've familiarized yourself with the OnChan Rules listed on the site. Note you may be subject to a posting access suspension if you violate any of the OnChan Rules here.

The Ninefold Dragon, Io, over and out.