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Fri, Nov. 18th, 2005, 04:44 pm
lordio: Io here.

[>open transmission frequency 779-32]
[779-32 open]
[>text entry]
The MUSH is up, last I knew, but I won't be on for a few more weeks at least.
I've posted this in a few places, but I'll say it again.
WarOfTheGalaxiesMUSH still needs the following:
*Coders/A CodeWiz (We do have a CodeWiz going through the app process)
*Builders/BuildWiz (Same with the BuildWiz)
*People interested in Sci-fi
*People willing to collaborate on organizing TPs. (this will be the duty of all of the Wizards)
*People who want to fill a necessary position I've missed, besides AppWiz and ThemeWiz. (MINE! [angry snarl])
Go to the Mothership for the app outline and more information.

The Ninefold Dragon Io, over and out.
[>end transmission]